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US-2011244279-A1: End cap seal for an electrochemical cell patent, US-2012032963-A1: Display apparatus and frame to accommodate display panel patent, US-2012061537-A1: Board mount patent, US-2012072781-A1: Predictive incident management patent, US-2012123646-A1: Monitoring System for Controlling Liftable and Steer Axles on Trucks or Tractor Trailers patent, US-2012127334-A1: Adaptive spatial sampling using an imaging assembly having a tunable spectral response patent, US-2012144415-A1: Media quality monitoring patent, US-2012223561-A1: Seat Track Easy-Entry Actuation Mechanism patent, US-2012225306-A1: Brazing process patent, US-2012241365-A1: Separator and separating strip patent, US-2012244036-A1: Apparatus and method for treating impurities in air and materials patent, US-2012254110-A1: Distributed file system patent, US-2012263577-A1: Device for detecting the axial position of a rotary shaft and its application to a turbo-molecular pump patent, US-2012300602-A1: Optical information processing device and tracking control method thereof patent, US-2012302897-A1: Heart rate variability device and cloud health management system patent, US-2013000211-A1: Abrasive article and method of making patent, US-2013005181-A1: Cable connection structure patent, US-2013028775-A1: Apex seal arrangement for rotary internal combustion engine patent, US-2013050966-A1: Method for welding a plastic housing patent, US-2013065383-A1: Fabrication methods for T-gate and inverted L-gate structure for high frequency devices and circuits patent, US-2013092573-A1: Lightweight Modular Golf Bag Having External Frame patent, US-2013116043-A1: Gaming device having multiple different types of progressive awards patent, US-2013132084-A1: System and method for performing dual mode speech recognition patent, US-2013196371-A1: Tissue cassette assembly patent, US-2013259043-A1: Switching device, upper-order device thereof, network and packet forwarding method patent, US-2013283703-A1: TiO2 BASED SCRUBBING GRANULES, AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING SUCH TiO2 BASED SCRUBBING GRANULES patent, US-2013300831-A1: Camera scene fitting of real world scenes patent, US-2013321268-A1: Control of remote applications using companion device patent, US-2013327867-A1: Manual or electric grain mill patent, US-2013332052-A1: Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine patent, US-2014022390-A1: Interior rearview mirror assembly patent, US-2014067401-A1: Provide services using unified communication content patent, US-2014264594-A1: FORMATION OF BULK SiGe FIN WITH DIELECTRIC ISOLATION BY ANODIZATION patent, US-2014296117-A1: Biodegradable lubricating oil composition patent, US-2015041090-A1: Polyethylene oxide treatment for drainage agents and dry strength agents patent, US-2015047346-A1: Methods and systems for boost control patent, US-2015048466-A1: Image sensor and fabricating method of image sensor patent, US-2015179790-A1: Memory strucutre with self-aligned floating and control gates and associated methods patent, US-2010183060-A1: Method and apparatus of frequency offset-free frame synchronization for high order qam signals in modem apparatus patent, US-2010251277-A1: System And Method For Enclosing Information Handling System Component Devices patent, US-2010263858-A1: Swelling seal patent, US-2010267875-A1: Flame retardant elastomer latices patent, US-2010301554-A1: Game card for chance at additional card patent, US-2010311852-A1: Preparing method for melamine-formaldehyde spheres patent, US-2010313482-A1: Door opening and closing device patent, US-2011013658-A1: Infrared semiconductor laser patent, US-2011014011-A1: Device for deforming a book cover aligned approximately on a book block back patent, US-2011025761-A1: Printing system with multiple ink accumulators patent, US-2011036371-A1: Diffuser for shaving foam spray patent, US-2011072842-A1: Refrigerator and lighting device therefor patent, US-2011113636-A1: Blade for paper punches patent, US-2011134054-A1: Input device of touch panel type for vehicle patent, US-2011169706-A1: Antenna device and method patent, US-2011173231-A1: System and Method For Querying Data Streams patent, US-2011188112-A1: Nonlinear Frequency Conversion in Nanoslot Optical Waveguides patent, US-2011250950-A1: Settlement system patent, US-2012023679-A1: Method and apparatus for reducing water usage during a washing cycle patent, US-2012031129-A9: Temperature controlled compartment and method for a refrigerator patent, US-2012055195-A1: Internal Heat Exchanger Assembly Having an Internal Bleed Valve Assembly patent, US-2012106088-A1: Thin fastener of heat sink patent, US-2012110030-A1: Software database system and process of building and operating the same patent, US-2012204400-A1: System and method for replacing rechargeable batteries patent, US-2012285171-A1: Heat recovery system and heat recovery method of co2 recovery unit patent, US-2012287595-A1: Electronic Device and Fixing Structure Therefor patent, US-2012293272-A1: Methods And Systems For Generating Millimeter-Wave Oscillations patent, US-2012303392-A1: System for monitoring vehicle and operator behavior patent, US-2012325201-A1: Solar reflective condensing device patent, US-2012331593-A1: Production scale fabrication method for high resolution afm tips patent, US-2013001879-A1: Method and system for magnetic toss gaming patent, US-2013007568-A1: Error correcting code decoding device, error correcting code decoding method and error correcting code decoding program patent, US-2013125603-A1: Mold and method for sectionally adjusting cooling efficiency of the mold patent, US-2013170866-A1: Toner cartridge having a shutter lock mechanism patent, US-2013255781-A1: Shared gas panels in plasma processing systems patent, US-2013337828-A1: Methods for sharing athletic activities patent, US-2014119014-A1: Labeling of hardware modules patent, US-2014209535-A1: Retrofit Attachments for Water Treatment Systems patent, US-2014212657-A1: Electrophotographic belt and electrophotographic apparatus patent, US-2014374060-A1: Device for air conditioning a drive train and a passenger compartment of a vehicle patent, US-2015055107-A1: Microelectromechanical mirror assembly patent, US-2015072190-A1: Battery cell assembly patent, US-2015080205-A1: Device for forming glass product patent, US-2015104633-A1: Method For Molding Tailored Composites patent, US-2010187897-A1: Ventilated wheel assembly patent, CN-1324592-A: Multifunctional combined bed mattress patent, US-2010192418-A1: Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Injuries and Medical Conditions Affecting Weight-Bearing Joints Using Insoles that Alter Axial Forces patent, US-2010197468-A1: Swim Training Vest patent, US-2010228933-A1: Automatic selection of storage volumes in a data storage system patent, US-2010263198-A1: Apparatus and Method for Forming HTS Continuous Conductor Elements patent, US-2010316814-A1: Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method patent, US-2011008048-A1: Optical system using optical signal and solid state drive module using the optical signal patent, US-2011064310-A1: Image forming apparatus that automatically creates an index and a method thereof patent, US-2011099982-A1: Unintended exothermal reactions monitoring for diesel after-treatment systems patent, US-2011151187-A1: Method of manufacturing film for film capacitor and film for film capacitor patent, US-2011247174-A1: Traverse rod system patent, US-2011262898-A1: Compositions, Methods, and Kits for Amplifying Nucleic Acids patent, US-2011292286-A1: Broadcasting reception system and method for selecting broadcasting channel using the same patent, US-2011310506-A1: Magnetic disk device and head position control method patent, US-2012051405-A1: Secure satellite modem for personal digital assistant method and apparatus patent, US-2012060475-A1: Method for adapting an exothermic reaction in the exhaust system of a motor vehicle patent, US-2012127501-A1: Print Data Processing Method, Print Data Processing Device, And Print Data Processing System patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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